Odessa Fire Department History



Miss Judy visits the Odessa Fire Department

Produced by KMID Channel 2 in 1965 Starring Judy DeBolt as Miss Judy. Judy donated this film to Odessa Fire Department.

Cricket Visits Captain Gardner at the Odessa Fire Department

Produced in 1979

Stan Bolden rescues woman from house fire


Heater Treater, Tank Battery Fire & Explosion

Captain Bourke tells the reporter it could explode at any moment... then it explodes!!!
The Crew; Captain Menzie Bourke, Driver Robert Gawlik & Firefighter Bill Capen

Odessa Firefighter Fitness Test

1988 - You were required to pass this test in order to be considered for hiring.
It's a matter of Life & Death for a Firefighter to be in excellent physical condition.