Odessa Fire Department History


Name that firefighter in this 1927 photo

According to 1927 news articles the following 13 men volunteered to be firefighters. Note: There are possibly other names not listed.

1. Robert M. Neil - (Identified)
2. George Shows - (Not in Photo- Verified by granddaughter)
3. James H. Price - (Identified)
4. P.J. Hubbard.
5. A.J. Burkes
6. W.P. Scott
7. Pat Walsh
8. Sam McCown - (Identified)
9. Joe McCown - (Identified)
10. Matt Zemlock
11. Clarence H. Stevenson
12. Emory Jones
13. C.H. Slaughter

The photo gallery below has cropped and enhanced photos of each firefighter. Please use the comment section below the gallery to identify any of these men.

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