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Odessa Fire Department Reunions 

 by Captain Don Ottinger, Retired


Back in the early part of 1980, Kenneth Cable, Wayne Coggins and L.A. Croom were sitting around their office one afternoon.  They were wondering where some of the guys who had worked and retired from the Odessa Fire Department in years past had gone to.

They decided it would be nice to get together somewhere.  They decided that July 4th would be a good date and Lake Brownwood State Park would be a good place.

Wayne Coggins contacted the people who were running the retirement fund and got names and addresses from them.  The three of them set about setting up a name and address list of their own and enlisted the help of their secretary in sending out invitations for a reunion.
So, the first ever OFD Reunion was about to take place.  On that HOT July 4th weekend, eight firemen and six spouses showed up and had a grand time visiting and remembering other people who were not able to come that year.

In 1982, they decided it was just too hot and muggy in July for a reunion, so they changed the date to September 3rd.  Labor Day weekend.  That year, thirty-two people showed up and more people kept coming each year.


L.A. and Mary Croom had been living in Brownwood during this time and had set up the reunion site for the guys.  In 1987 they got a job as Park Attendants for the Hords Creek Lake in Coleman.  There they had a large pavilion, which seemed just right for a reunion.  People were contacted and the first Saturday of October was set up for the reunion.  It has been held at the same location until 2009. 


The reunion started out with only fourteen people in attendance in 1980.  In 1997 there were 33 retirees in attendance with a total of 109 retirees, wives, family, friends and guests.  Since that time the numbers have been going down due to deaths, age of people and cost of travel.






       Odessa Fire Fighter Reunion Records
Reunion #DateLocationAttendanceLinks
1July 4, 1980Lake Brownwood, Brownwood, Tx14More Information
21981Lake Brownwood, Brownwood, Tx14More Information
3September 1982Lake Brownwood, Brownwood, Tx32More Information
41983Lake Brownwood, Brownwood, Tx49More Information
51984Lake Brownwood, Brownwood, Tx42More Information
61985Lake Brownwood, Brownwood, Tx38More Information
71986Lake Brownwood, Brownwood, Tx?More Information
8October 3, 1987Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx35More Information
9October 1, 1988Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx42More Information
10October 7, 1989Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx49More Information
11October 6, 1990Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx74More Information
12October 5, 1991Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx77More Information
13October 3, 1992Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx94More Information
14October 2, 1993Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx91More Information
15October 1, 1994Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx82More Information
16October 7, 1995Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx106More Information
17October 5, 1996Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx108More Information
18October 4, 1997Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx109More Information
19October 3, 1998Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx87More Information
20October 2, 1999Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx96More Information
21October 7, 2000Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx70More Information
22October 6, 2001Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx71More Information
23October 5, 2002Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx55More Information
24October 4, 2003Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx77More Information
25October 2, 2004Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx68More Information
26October 1, 2005Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx48More Information
27October 7, 2006Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx64More Information
28October 6, 2007Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx65More Information
29October 4, 2008Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx48More Information 
30October 3, 2009Hords Creek Lake, Coleman, Tx55More Information 
31October 2010Odessa, Texas  More Information 
32October 2011Odessa, Texas  More Information 
33October 5, 2012Odessa, Texas More Information  
34October 2013Odessa, Texas More Information  
35October 2014Odessa, Texas  More Information 
36October 2015Odessa, Texas  More Information 
37October 2016Odessa, Texas More Information  
38October 2017Odessa, Texas  More Information 
39October 2018Odessa, Texas  More Information 
40October 2019Odessa, Texas More Information  
41October 2020Odessa, Texas More Information  
42October 2021Odessa, Texas  More Information 
43October 2022Odessa, Texas More Information  
44October 2023Odessa, Texas  More Information 
45October 2024Odessa, Texas More Information  
46October 2025Odessa, Texas More Information  
47October 2026Odessa, Texas More Information  
48October 2027Odessa, Texas More Information  
49October 2028Odessa, Texas  More Information 
50October 2029Odessa, Texas More Information