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Line Of Duty Death of a Firefighter Funeral

A death that occurs on-the-job, or as a result of an illness that occurred while performing their duties (ie;  firefighter was disabled and is on workers compensation and dies of those injuries/illness) is considered a “Line of Duty Death” (LODD).  In either event, the death is a traumatic event for the family, relatives, and the members of the department.  On these tragic and usually sudden occasions, there are many details to consider when honoring the fallen comrade with a proper fire department burial.  A Line of Duty Death should get full funeral/burial honors as listed in this guideline.



Honor Guards at Doors YES
Post Colors next to casket YES
Casket Guard Detail    YES
Uniformed Walk through YES
Honor Guard Pallbearers YES
American Flag on casket       YES
Badge Shrouds           YES
Eulogy by Fire Service YES
Bagpiper YES
Fire service caisson YES
Crossed Ladders YES
Fire Service Procession YES
Apparatus bunting       YES
Station bunting YES
Bell Service     YES
Last Tone YES
Bugler  YES