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911 Charity Football Bowl



By Retired Captain Phil McDaniel

 We are requesting any and all Firefighters and Police Officers that took part in the 911 Bowl Games to share their photos with this website. You can email them to John Taylor at or upload them directly to the photo album via the public up-loader located on the photo album.

911- Bowl Game Scores

17 December 1994Odessa Fire Department  19 - Odessa Police Department  0
3 February  1996Odessa Fire Department  6 - Odessa Police Department  6
18 January 1997Odessa Fire Department  36 - Odessa Police Department  0
The First  911 - Bowl                            17 December 1994

     This all started when several of us older firefighters were talking about playing football in High School and College and voiced a desire to re-live some of our "old glory days". Then Firefighter/Paramedic Tanner Drake proposed the idea and challenge to several Police Officers. They of course accepted.
     Firefighter/Paramedic Tanner Drake called the Football Coach in Crane, Texas and he agreed to let OPD and OFD use their High School Football uniforms for the game. Tanner Drake, Marty Moya and Martin Ramos went on morning talk shows to help promote the game and the Police arranged for referees.

     The first 911 - Bowl was a huge success! This 1st charity bowl game was played December 17th at Ratliff Stadium between the Odessa Firefighters and the Odessa Police Officers. There were about 500 fans in attendance to cheer on their favorite team.
     The total proceeds raised for the game was about $3,000 before all expenses were paid. The Police Officers donated their proceeds to the Odessa Fraternal Order of Police. The Odessa Firefighters have arranged to donate to the following: American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, MDA, Easter Seals, March of Dimes and the Children's Miracle Network.
     Two and a half months prior to the big day, both teams were practicing three times a week. With three weeks remaining to practice, the Fire Department started wearing full pads to work on some real hitting. I was the oldest player on the OFD team and I would rather be the "Hitter" than the "Hittee", but the real appeal being, how else can you hit a Cop and not get in trouble.
     The game was very exciting with the Fire Department scoring three touchdowns to win by a score of 19-0. The Fire Department's "Desert Swarm" defense did not allow the "5-0" Police Squad a single touchdown. The scoring went as follows; First touchdown was a 12 yard pass from Kevin Doan to Tanner Drake, Second touchdown was a 35 yard pass from Kevin Doan to Mark Torres and the Third touchdown was a 20 yard pass from Tanner Drake to Jim Fowler.

The Football Players

Odessa Firefighters Odessa Police Officers
0Mark Torres2Mike Bostick70Art Fuentes
1Dustin Greenlee7Terry Barnhart71Joe Wall
3Fred Williams8Wesley Stout72Terry Henkell
13Tanner Drake9Terry Preston73Frank Vickery
14Kevin Doan18James Rand74Danny Brookshire
19Daniel Acosta32Reggie Jones75Jordan Medrano
20Lewis Lacey42Troy Thomas77Brian Moersch
21Ector Marin43Ron Joy78J. J. Ornelas
22Kevin Keith44Rodney Hamilton79Ishmael Orosco
23Phil McDaniel45Andy Blackburn80Mike Tacker
41Larry Bolden48Chris Aguilar81Chris Washburn
45Jeff Moseler55Todd Hiner82Brandon Cervantes
46Jim Fowler56John Blanco83Carlos Chavez
48Marty Moya60Chuck Moad85Brian Johnson
51Martin Ramos65Alex Ramirez87Dean McCann
55David Dick67Harold Thomas88Scott Thompson
58Lonnie Sissel69Mike Sims89Terry Lange
69Jimmy Ellis 
70Buddy Pearce
71Vearle Pearce
75Jack Hamilton
87Tony Hinton
88Jay Mullis
89Joey White
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1994 Firefighter Team Photo1994 Police Team Photo
The Second  911 - Bowl                         3rd February 1996





The Football Players

Odessa Firefighters Odessa Police Officers
0Mark Torres3George Gomez45Andy Blackburn
8Rodd Huber7Terry Barnhart48Chris Aguilar
13Tanner Drake9Terry Preston55James Sanders
15Phil McDaniel12Chad Hetrick56Chris Lopez
19Daniel Acosta18James Rand60Chuck Moad
22Kevin Keith20Sammy Berzoza61Daryl Smith
23Ector Marin24Ricky George69Mike Sims
24Joey White25Cory Cooper70Art Fuentes
27Gary Southerland27Larry Torres73Frank Vickery
34Chris Jimenez32Reggie Jones77Jimmy Denton
42Henry Guzman35Brian McGowan78J. J. Ornelas
43Dustin Greenlee40Juan Torrez82Brandon Cervantes
44Tony Hinton42Troy Thomas83Carlos Chavez
46Jim Fowler43Mike Tacker87Dean McCann
48Marty Moya 
51Martin Ramos
52Dean Grabbe
55David Dick
58Lonnie Sissel
68Dale Land
69Jimmy Ellis
70Buddy Pearce
71Verle Pearce
76Lorenzo Rivas
80Robert Worsham
88John Alvarez
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1996 Firefighter Team Photo1996 Police Team Photo
The Third  911 - Bowl                                 18th January 1997



The Football Players

Odessa Firefighters Odessa Police Officers
0Mark Torres3Nathan Bell
1Saul Ortega9Terry Preston
2James Lujan12Hugh Murphy
8Rodd Huber18James Rand
12Mike Cota20Sammy Berzoza
13Tanner Drake24Ricky George
15Phil McDaniel25Jorge Mancha
16Danny White27Larry Torres
19Daniel Acosta32Reggie Jones
22Phillip Talley35Brian McGowan
23Ector Marin40Juan Torres
24Joey White42Troy Thomas
32Bobby Valles43Mike Tacker
33Jason Cotton45Jeff Daniels
36Ken Carter48Chris Aguilar
40Jeff Sauer60Joy Lee
45Jaime Farmer61Pete Marquez
46Jim Fowler68Troy Luecke
48Marty Moya70Terry Halpain
51Martin Ramos72David Smith
55David Dick75Danny Brookshire
59Aaron Cox77Jimmy Denton
60Jimmy Lee78J. J. Ornelas
63James Martin81Terry Luecke
68Dustin Greenlee87Dean McCann
69Jimmy Ellis  
70Buddy Pearce  
71Verle Pearce  
76Lorenzo Rivas  
88John Alvarez  
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1997 Firefighter Team Photo1997 Police Team Photo